KADX governance token entitles owners to a have a vote on platform issues and to earn rewards from 70% of the platform fee revenue.

Hold KADX tokens to vote and earn rewards!

KoinAscent is a decentralized all-in-one banking and financial service. Users can swap BTC/ETH/USDT/KADX and use DEFI products to earn or borrow. KADX token holders vote on KoinAscent governance issues and earn weekly re-occurring income.




($100 USD) Minimum




1 KADX = $0.01 USD

Our Core

Earning & Loan for Cryptocurrency Users

KOINASCENT.COM is an Ethereum blockchain decentralized application for all-in-one banking and financial services for cryptocurrency users. We offer US Dollar loans for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and KADX cryptocurrency owners and give high return passive income to users who stake crypto in their KoinAscent Wallet. Users can make Wallet withdrawals at any time.

KoinAscent is a cryptocurrency collateral base lender with loan payments ensured because the loans are asset-backed, and borrowers must supply more than 150% of the loan amount. They lend US dollars to borrowers with digital assets as collateral and users who stake cryptocurrency earn interest from those digital asset loans.

Users receive regular payouts and rewards on their KoinAscent Wallet crypto holdings. KoinAscent native token, KADX, performs a variety of internal functions, including governance, rewards, loans, staking, liquidity pools and payments. The KADX token is a governance and reward sharing ERC-20 standard token on the Ethereum blockchain.

KOINASCENT.COM decentralized financial service has a roadmap to pivot from a centralized P2P cryptocurrency exchange to a decentralized autonomous organization all-in-one banking and financial services which is managed by the KADX Governance Token. We connect our Internet UI to the Ethereum blockchain by smart contract to allow users to swap ERC20 tokens and participate in borrowing, earning, liquidity pools, staking, no loss crypto savings lotteries, trading NFT T-Bonds and making/receiving digital payments.

  • Earning & Loan for Cryptocurrency Users
  • Easy Account Registration
  • 2FA Exchange Security
  • Extensive Customer Service
  • Multiple SWAP Pairs

Governance and Sharing Economics

KoinAscent, a decentralized financial service that plans to operate as a Ethereum blockchain decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) combining the power of KADX GOVERNANCE TOKENS and decentralized smart contracts to deliver rewards to KADX Token holders from the daily platform fee revenue.

KADX GOVERNANCE TOKENS have a voting utility and entitles token holders to rewards from 70% of the daily platform fee revenue generated on KoinAscent.

Our Goal

Unbank Financial Services for Cryptocurrency Users

The KoinAscent goal is to unbank financial services for cryptocurrency users by offering mobile 24/7 account access, low fees, high staking rewards, affordable loans, no loss lotteries, payments and NFT T-Bonds all at favorable terms which are not offered by traditional financial institutions.


We have taken a legacy community funded collateral based lending model and applied it in the current digital asset age. We call this financial service Earning & Loan. Through our financial service we aim to incentivize a large community of cryptocurrency users to earn by staking their coins to make collateralized loans to other cryptocurrency owners and from yield bearing NFT T-Bonds.


Token Economics

KADX GOVERNANCE TOKENS and decentralized smart contracts deliver rewards to KADX Token holders from the daily platform fee revenue.

KADX GOVERNANCE TOKENS entitle holders to vote and to earn rewards from 70% of KoinAscent fee revenue. The KADX GOVERNANCE TOKEN was created using the ERC-20 protocol and it is built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain.

Stake KADX TOKENS and earn rewards from KOINASCENT.COM fee revenue. KoinAscent decentralized financial services platform facilitates crowd governance and sharing economics by combining KADX TOKENS and decentralization. KADX GOVERNANCE TOKEN holders earn rewards from the KoinAscent financial service daily reoccurring fee revenue. KADX TOKEN holders and platform users receive incentives in the form of KADX token referral bonuses which are designed to drive more users and volume to KoinAscent Decentralized Financial Services platform.

KoinAscent business model allows them to pay sustainable reward rates. Reward payments are funded by the lending and NFT T-Bond business which due to the higher risk of cryptocurrency generate higher rewards than traditional banks pay. We offer much higher rates of return on staked crypto, much easier and fairer loan requirements and automated rewards computed for each user without penalties or bank-style fees.


Rewards from Platform Fees


Billion Tokens


Payout Cycle



Token Sale


Token : KADX

Start: On Going
Hard cap: $2.1B
Exchange rate: 1 KADX = $0.01 USD
Project protocol: ERC20

Payment Methods

Buy KADX TOKENS, click the button below!

Token Structure

How to Buy Our Tokens

  1. Visit OUR official website  –   https://KOINASCENT.COM
  2. Click on the BUY KADX button.
  3. Fill in the required details.
  4. Check your email inbox (or spam folder) and click on link provided.
  5. Your account is now ready, click again on the BUY KADX button.
  6. You are now on the purchase page, enter the desired amount of KADX Tokens you wish to buy.
  7. Enter referral code, if applicable or skip.
  8. Read and accept terms and conditions.
  9. Select your payment method: BTC, ETH
  10. Click on initiate payment and you now have 15 minutes to transfer cryptocurrency payment.
  • 86% Distributed to Community

  • 8% Founders and Team

  • 2% Advisers

  • 4% "Bounty and Referral"

  1. Check the exchange rate and transfer the exact required amount.
  2. Be careful with payment, use your wallet copy address button to avoid mistakes.
  3. Complete the payment and wait for the block confirmation.
  4. Click on go to transactions and view on blockchain to check transaction status.
  5. Once the transaction is successful, you will receive confirmation mail from KoinAscent.
  6. Congrats! Your participation in the crowd sale has been successfully completed.